A Wood’s Tale

A Wood’s Tale

“A Wood’s Tale”

Written by Loren Hyman


Much like the creation of Beards Creek Design, many startups have happened and have become great success stories through the ‘Covid-Era’. Follow along with me while I share with you a snippet of a true tale!

Well, this board has many tales of its own… most of which I don’t know. Like, was it natural selection or intentional of the planting of this tree? Where exactly did the tree grow? Who were the kids swinging on it in the summertime? Maybe it was a centerpiece to a farm estate driveway or did it flank the Main Street corner for 100 years that offered shade for passersby? I do not know its origin and life: until now.

Here’s what I do know; This black walnut is part of a load I acquired that was harvested in Missouri. I skillfully shaped and sized the rough lumber, planed, sanded and cleaned it to then CNC cut and oiled to be packaged and shipped out.

Now, as a gift to the start of a brand new beginning. A beginning for a new couple. A story of unity. A tale of courtship. A story of chance. A story of the past and of the future. I know their end will be different than how they began, but isn’t it part of our journey, grab a snap shot of time, create a memory and hope we’re lucky enough to carry through our days?

My hope is that every single piece I make, ship, deliver, mess up or otherwise remains that of a memory. A second chance at life for each sliver of wood for you to capture and hold on to.

Their story doesn’t end, but this one does. Follow along with us on social media or subscribe to our blog and newsletter. Maybe we can create that perfect memory for you too!




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