Together, we are getting it right!

Together, we are getting it right!

Hello Friends! We trust that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season given the various challenges of the of pandemic. We sure appreciate you all coming along with us with this year and keeping our work full!

We managed to take some time from Christmas Eve until the New Year to relax and spend time with just our family, hence why we have been pretty quiet for the past 10 days. Naturally, we have struggled to get back into the swing of things with updating our website with new products, removal of seasonal products and closing out what was an incredible year made possible by YOU, our clients! 

Just to recap how awesome our clients have been to us, here goes: We made more trips to the mill than what we had estimated, in fact, we ran through over 500 board feet of lumber, 2 gallons of glue, 5 gallons of epoxy and way to many loads of dust, chips, millings and scraps! We shipped to 28 different states, made 22 newly designed Lake Boards, 4 custom pieces and 3 new friends by being personal and walking them through their designs to completion! #Blessed

No, we aren't bragging or telling you how great we are in this post, I am simply sharing that after 20 years in Corporate America, I am having more fun talking and working with each and every one of you than what I would have imagined! You are the reason why I get up in the morning and work countless hours daily. You are the reason why I constantly have a sense of pride in my work and your expression of satisfaction through text, email, in person and the fact you're returning for more products, tells me that "Together, we are getting it right!"

So, as you and I both want this post to come to a close, I ask two things of you all: 1. Please continue to share your pictures with us in text, email, facebook, instagram or however... and 2. Please tell one friend about Beards Creek Design with hopes that they may become our next new client!

As always, 

Have Grace, Share Love and Be Blessed

-The Hyman Family

*and no, I do not work with power tools and adult beverages at the same time. It was late and the wife gifted me a new apron for Christmas! 

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